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Mitta’s Group helps clients solve business problems and realize new opportunities – all while utilizing the best practices of Vid Mitta – a highly successful entrepreneur, investor, corporate executive, and startup mentor. Mitta’s group not only showcases the vertical markets to which Mr. Mitta brings his expertise, but also acts as a gateway for those interested in expanding their own business portfolios through his services and guidance.


Focusing primarily on the Software, Hospitality, Early Education, and Real Estate Development markets, Mitta’s Group assists individuals in accomplishing their business goals through unique, competitive advantages and innovative business models.

“I believe in taking baby steps and failing fast. When people come to me for advice, I ask them a series of questions that may, at first, make them uncomfortable, but ultimately lead to the self-knowledge required for success. Once they keep the passion and emotion separate from their business intentions, they themselves often realize they might be off track. I then work closely with them to groom their ideas, find the right markets for their products or services, and get them back on track. If they are receptive, I will often invest in their businesses and together we are able to seek mutual growth.” – Vid Mitta 

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